On Tuesday, May 13th, Stena Terminals A/S officially inaugurated their new 75,000-cubic-meter fuel terminal at Frederikshavn Port. Before entering service, all tank internals were high-pressure washed by Recover using the TCR (Tank Cleaning Robot) from CLIIN Robotics.

Stena Terminals’ new Frederikshavn facility is the first tank terminal fully equipped for internal cleaning with the CLIIN Robotics TCR Solution. During construction, each tank was fitted with up to six additional roof access points, in the form of a short pipe, allowing easy access for the safety ropes required to operate the CLIIN TCR. This modification enables a switch from black to clean products within a few days, significantly reducing costs and time compared to traditional methods that can take weeks.

Left to right: Kristian Dahl Krebs (Department Mgr, Recover), Kim Kjaer (Terminal Mgr, OljOla Shipping and Terminals) and Soren Frausing (Project Mgr/R&D, CLIIN Robotics)