CLIIN Robotics proudly presented its Tank Cleaning Robot (TCR) at the prestigious International Liquid Terminals Association (ILTA) 2024 Conference and Trade Show in Houston, Texas.

At the ILTA Exhibition, recognized as a premier platform in the terminal industry, CLIIN Robotics underscored its commitment to enhancing efficiency and safety in storage tank maintenance by showcasing the proven effectiveness of its Tank Cleaning Robot. The TCR, already in active use, continues to revolutionize the cleaning process with its seamless setup and one-step freshwater cleaning approach, eliminating the need for cumbersome scaffolding. Equipped with magnetic belts, the robot ensures thorough access to all tank areas, both internally and externally, while being remotely operated by a single operator. This established technology significantly reduces cleaning time, completing tasks within days rather than weeks and providing direct access to traditionally hard-to-reach areas.

CLIIN Robotics' Tank Cleaning Robot has long been recognized for its environmentally conscious operation. By utilizing pure freshwater, the TCR eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, thereby reducing water consumption and minimizing environmental impact. Additionally, remote operation from a safe distance minimizes the required number of operators to just 2-3 individuals, eliminating the need for extensive safety gear and chemical suits.
CLIIN Robotics extends appreciation to all ILTA Exhibition participants and looks forward to further opportunities to showcase the capabilities of its established Tank Cleaning Robot. For more information about CLIIN Robotics and its revolutionary Tank Cleaning Robot, please explore our website.