Robotic Antifouling Solution CLIIN Robotics

At CLIIN Robotics, innovation isn't just a buzzword—it's the driving force behind everything we do. Today, we're thrilled to announce the launch of our latest breakthrough: Robotic Antifouling. This cutting-edge solution promises to transform vessel maintenance, setting a new standard for efficiency, sustainability, and performance.

One of the most striking features of CLIIN’s Robotic Antifouling solution is its extended reach, enabling cleaning both above and below the waterline. Designed to navigate seamlessly through strong currents, this versatile robot can effectively be used proactively for hull grooming as well as reactively for hull cleaning.

The robot targets various types of marine growth, ensuring thorough cleaning with proven cavitation or brush technology suited for a wide range of coatings. A clean hull surface reduces fuel consumption, lowers greenhouse gas emissions, and promotes sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, our Robotic Antifouling solution helps prevent the spread of invasive species.

With its onboard cleaning capabilities, Robotic Antifouling is accessible anytime, anywhere, offering a flexible cleaning solution with fewer restrictions on maintenance timing and location. Once hull maintenance is complete, the robot seamlessly transitions to cargo hold cleaning, using intuitive click-technology for on-site tool switching. Its streamlined operations allow easy control, helping maritime professionals optimize vessel performance with minimal effort.

Technical specifications of the Robotic Antifouling Solution:

  • Cleaning ability: 200 to 400 square meters per hour
  • Weight: 89 kilograms (plus 35 kilograms for the Hull Tool)
  • Dimensions: Length: 747 mm / Width: 562 mm / Height: 310 mm
  • Power system: 100-240V, 13A+, 50-60 Hz

"Our Robotic Antifouling Tool has undergone extensive testing, including pressure resistance tests up to a depth of 100 meters and endurance tests exceeding 4,000 hours of submersion," says Thomas Jørgensen, CEO and Co-Founder of CLIIN Robotics. "These tests ensure optimal performance and reliability, providing maritime operators with confidence in its durability and effectiveness."

Developed over a decade and fine-tuned for optimal performance, the CLIIN’s Robotic Antifouling marks a significant advancement in marine maintenance technology. CLIIN Robotics continues to lead the industry in providing innovative solutions that protect the environment, enhance operational efficiency, and optimize vessel performance.

Curious about how our innovative Robotic Antifouling Solution looks like in action? Click here to watch the video and see our technology in action!


Robotic Antifouling Solution CLIIN Robotics